We believe that educating our clients is an important function of our role as financial advisors, which is why we’re committed to hosting events throughout the year which cover many of the topics & subject material we’re asked about on a daily basis. These events are not just available for our existing clients, but are available to anybody interested in attending. Best of all, these events are always FREE!

For small businesses, John has personally constructed a series of ‘lifecycle’ workshops which focus on each of the four key stages of business life. From ‘Inception-The Beginning’, to ‘Infancy’, through to ‘Maturity’ & finally ‘The End Game’. Stay tuned for more details on each of these fantastic workshops for dates & topics covered.

For those looking to invest in property, Diane runs monthly residential property investment workshops. Learn the what, when & where to invest as well as crucially how we operate as a key investment resource on your property journey.

For those looking to start a Self-Managed Superfund, Jim runs regular SMSF events which detail how to get started, what you need to consider, what investment opportunities are available within this space and more.

We also run Tax Planning workshops, Financial Planning workshops as well as combined SMSF & Property Investment specials throughout the year. Read on for more details and dates.


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