If you’re in the construction industry or a trade where you’re on the road more than in the office, here at The Garis Group we specialise in helping your small business achieve great things.

We have more than 25 yrs accounting experience working with businesses in the construction & trade industry of all shapes and sizes right across Australia, from your local plumber, electrician or handyman to your larger residential & commercial building experts.

We use the world’s most innovative and efficient accounting software Xero in conjunction with Xero’s industry specific Add-On partners to help drive your business from middle of the road statistic to benchmark performing market leader!

How do we achieve this?

We’ve identified from our vast experience in this industry that too many construction & trade businesses are receiving general, nonspecific advice from their advisers which doesn’t meet the needs & demands of this unique industry. The advice they’ve been receiving doesn’t measure their client’s performance against other ‘like’ businesses in their space and too often critical management decisions can’t be made because the advice received was reactive rather than proactive.

We’ve tailored construction & tradie specific packages and programs for construction & trade clients of all varieties which transform all aspects of the small business lifecycle, this allows our clients to make informed, industry specific, proactive management decisions.

Great for those construction & trade businesses that are regularly on the road and who are historically very time poor! Our packages in conjunction with Xero make it easy for your business to get on with what you’re good at while the accounting happens automatically in the background.

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Our offices are located in Newcastle, but we cater for small businesses right across Australia thanks to modern technology and cloud-based accounting. Please contact our friendly office team to arrange your obligation free consultation to find out if our services are a good fit for your construction/trade business!

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What does this ultimately achieve? Growth & profit, improved business value, more cash and a better lifestyle!

Key Small Business functions we address:

  • Structure (what business structure is right for you? Are you in the right structure?)
  • Compliance (day-to-day efficiencies, freeing time for you to work ON your business)
  • Management (what add-on partners are right for you? How do they help?)
  • Cash Flow & Budgets (Do you have them? Taking back control of your business!)
  • Reporting (making better decisions from the right reports at the right time)
  • KPIs (What key performance indicators should you be analysing in your industry?)
  • Benchmarking (how does your financial performance compare to your competitors?)
  • Forecasting (ever wanted to gaze into a business crystal ball? We’ll show you how!)
  • Statutory Financials & Tax Returns (Getting the most from your year end returns!)
  • Tax Planning (how do you save on tax AND make your business financially attractive?)
  • Value Improvement Advice (What is your business is actually worth? How do I grow it?)
  • Succession & Sale Planning (don’t leave it until the last minute, understand why)
  • Retirement! (Do I have enough to enjoy the ride? What do I need to consider?)

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